1. Is this 100 % pure silver jewellery ??

No, 100% pure silver can’t be made into jewellery as it’s too soft, same as in gold wherein 24k purity gold can’t be made into jewellery even for silver some alloys/metals needed to be added to make silver into jewellery, our silver jewellery is 92.5 purity.

2. Will there be any hallmark or certificate?

Yes, all our silver jewellery will be 925 hallmarked, purity certificate can be provided based on customer request at extra charges.

3. Will there be any resale/return on silver jewellery ?

Products purchased on mrp are eligible for 40% exchange /return within 3 years of purchase date provided products are not damaged at the time of exchange/ return.

Products purchased during sale/discounts are not eligible for return / exchange.

4. Will silver jewellery fade ?

As long as no direct water or perfume or deos on the product and products need to be stored in ziplock pouches/ plastic boxes they will last long.

5. How to maintain Silver Jewellery ??

Silver jewellery same as gold and diamonds lose shine upon continuous exposure to water, perfume or deos or any other chemicals.

Silver Jewellery should be maintained same as gold and diamonds to retain lusture for long time, upon using jewellery before storing back wipe off any sweat from the jewellery with a damp cotton cloth, let jewellery be left for 5 mins before storing back in plastic boxes/ ziplock pouches

Silver jewellery should not be stored in velvet boxes as the chemical reacts with metal.

6. How much gold is there in silver jewellery and will there be any amount ?

Our Silver Jewellery is 92.5 silver with 22k 0.5-1 micron gold plating based on design and stones, there is no return value for gold.

7. Do to ship to different locations?

Yes, samskruthi Jewellers offers shipping services both domestic and international, kindly refer to our shipping policies listed.

8. Can we exchange our old silver jewellery or silver coins for jewellery ?

Silver jewellery purchased from our store on mrp prices can be exchanged for 40% on mrp, kindly refer to our refund and return policies. No, we don’t accept silver coins.

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